The Grove

What is the Grove?

Aspen Connection has formed unique partnerships with key individuals aligned around a central focus - your transformative health.  The Aspen is an individual tree who’s  vitality is enlivened by the interconnectedness of the grove's expansive root system.  Shared roots live longer and this fact is likewise a distinguishing mark of Aspen Connection.   As holistic coaches, we believe it’s vital to integrate the key pieces of your physical, mental, and spiritual health into your overall growth experience.  We invite you to branch out and learn more about our trusted partners.  

Dr. Mark Kolkman, back to better

Dr. Mark Kolkman is the Founder and CSO (Chief Solution Officer) of Back To Better and a transformational life coach. Mark has one overarching purpose; to serve as a masterful guide for anyone who aspires to turn a more conscientious personal brand into a lifestyle. He aims to equally intertwine the purposed vocation with the priorities of physical health, emotional strength, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Dr. Kulkman.png

Mark personalizes the proprietary Back To Better Process, so each of his clients gains clarity, grows core competencies, and gives confidence to others with one key differentiator: the power of transformational coaching! Mark and his wife Kim are the loving and active parents of two great sons and the persevering owners of two so-so dogs. Mark and Kim are equally yoked in their faith but when it comes to professional baseball, they are a house divided. 

Christopher Parker (MSW), Found Coaching

Christopher is the owner of Found Coaching and has a Masters in Social Work. He has long sought to draw together and tailor-make something that gives us the best of coaching, counseling, and consulting practices. 


He is drawn to timeless spiritual disciplines. He is an eager innovator that understands the importance of practical, tangible steps to achieve big goals.

Rev Eric Reiger, Sacred Quest

B. Eric Rieger, founder of Sacred Quest, LLC is a United Methodist GBHEM endorsed Spiritual Director, a Certified Spiritual Director through the Metagem Institute, and a Certified Life & Health Coach through HCI. Eric’s passion is to accompany others as they  experience God’s great love for them and live into their unique wholeness, their True Selves.

Eric has a particular interest in working with Spiritual Leaders and those deconstructing religion, ex-vangelicals, religious “nones and dones”, and those with “sacred wounds and church hurts.”

Eric’s passion for Life and Health Coaching comes from first-hand knowledge of the effect of stressors in his life, failures, set-backs, two heart surgeries, and his own quest for whole-hearted living and a healthy lifestyle.