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About Us

Our Mission

Aspen Connection exists to awaken men and women to the power of transformational change.  We unlock the power of coaching to ignite personal and team transformational growth.  Much like a colony of Aspen trees, all of us are rooted and connected in love, and we soar and grow only to the extent we are whole in community as well as individually.  The wisdom of the Aspen Grove  lies in their response to pain and trauma.  When one tree suffers the others send strength and healing giving us the perfect model of servant leadership. 


At Aspen Connection, we serve to make change happen.  In other words, only one goal is paramount….your growth and well-being.  We model our core values of compassion, connectedness, courage, action, and wisdom in our work These values in turn serve to unleash your potential. 

Come explore what it means to live a life of growth and adventure.  Now is the time to rise up to the call that lies within you.

Meet The Coaches

Cindy moscrip

Cindy Moscrip is a Coach, Change Practitioner, and Leadership Development Specialist. She seeks to unleash positive change and specifically desires to empower women to flourish to their fullest capacity.  As a professionally trained ICF coach, she believes in the power of deep listening, soulful questioning, and thoughtful strategic planning. She launched her career coaching career at her alma mater, Indiana University, where she was instrumental in shaping the curriculum and leadership development of the career education program at the Kelley School of Business. Upon earning a Master’s Degree in Leadership Development, she leveraged her coaching, instructional, and leadership skills to build and shepherd a variety of teams within higher education administration. She is full of gratitude for the abundant and radiant life she enjoys with her husband Stan and their ever growing family. 


Stan moscrip

Stan Moscrip is a pastor, certified Stephen Minister, and transformational life coach. His vocational wheelhouse is to partner with men to help define and develop their true meaning and mission in life through exploring the lost adventure of their souls. Professionally trained, (ICF- Coach Training for Leaders and Coaching Transformation Academy), and Speech Communication and Rhetoric, (Hanover College), Stan is an enthralling and energetic public speaker, small group facilitator, and individual coach.  Working within these realms, Stan speaks to the heart of men providing leadership, guidance, and direction to a rugged and reliable life that is all too often missing in today’s man. Stan and his wife Cindy live in Indiana and enjoy the blessings of a large family, adventures together, and the calling of a relevant and radiant life.